creating farmer impact by providing coffee to SMEs


why do we exist?

Is Fairtrade really fair? Is coffee without organic certification always cultivated with chemicals? Do you know your coffee farmer? Are producers able to continue to grow and sell coffee for the actual price they receive? By asking these questions we concentrate on what we believe is really important: the well-being of all stakeholders in the coffee value chain. Our explicit focus lies on the most vulnerable group: the producers and their communities. 
We exist to make you think critically about the status-quo of the coffee industry and to help those affected.

We break down the walls in the coffee value chain by working together with partners who share our values and work transparently. We search for more questions that expose inequality in coffee trade and implement solutions to restore balance. We make sure that producers do more than only receive minimum income from coffee, but gain the ability to invest in themselves and develop their communities.

We make impact by going beyond fairtrade,
making the “them-us” into a “we” perspective.


how do we make impact?


what do we do?

We roast and deliver future proof coffee to progressive SMEs in Belgium. This coffee is fully traceable, supports projects that reduce CO2 in the value chain (transition to organic production, agroforestry and reforestation) and for which the producer receives security and more than a “living” wage. Implementing a CSR project in your company would be as easy as drinking a cup of coffee.

We provide a coffee solution for the entire value network, not only for consumers.

“ŋgopi” (verb) literally means “drinking coffee” in Bahasa Indonesia: the general Indonesian language. This was the first word Dick learned on his trip to Lombok. It is the custom to offer guests a cup of sweetened coffee accompanied by some snacks upon the first meeting. 

Lombok is the neighbouring island of Bali where, in 2017, Dick and a team of students lived for weeks on a coffee plantation to increase coffee quality through optimizing post-harvest processes. 

It seemed fitting to use ŋgopi for the name of the brand as that is exactly what we will do: we will drink some coffee.

the meaning of the word: