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Rwanda Rushashi

With a water- and energy saving triple fermentation method, advanced pulp recycling methods and two women empowerment organisations, Rushashi coffee washing station (CWS) was already truly progressive. Since 2019 they are transitioning to regenerative agriculture by implementing agroforestry systems in their coffee fields. Pretty much the future, dude!

Find notes of vanilla, black tea and caramel in your cup. 

Brazil, the biggest producer and exporter of coffee. Imagine mountains and hills covered with only coffee trees neatly put in rows so that machines can harvest the cherries with ease. A country flooding the world market with coffee so that the C-price is being pushed downwards with only the most efficient farmers making a profit. 

Ooooorrrrr, we get ourselves Brazil Capricornio! The Brazilian exporter/farmer that has a vast amount of knowledge about soil and agroforestry making this coffee a “conscious” Brazil. This coffee supports agroforestry projects in the Capricornio network. They greatly reduce the ecological footprint of all their 20 partner farmers: they help them create water-efficient mills, implement waste water treatment technologies, and apply systems thinking to optimise all coffee processes and reduce CO2 output. They also stimulate the use of organic fertilisers, energy-efficient machinery and irrigation systems.

Tasty beans with a big body to pack some punch to you cup. Find notes of chocolate, molasses and hazulnut in this bad boi.


Brazil Capricornio

cultivar, altitude and processing

Arabica Bourbon types: French Mission, Jackson, Mbirizi, Pop 3303/21

1,700 – 2,000 meters above sea level

fully washed and triple fermented: all coffee is hand picked, depulped, dry fermented for 12 hours, double wet fermented (2 x 18 hours), washed with mountain water, shade dried, then sun dried on raised beds.

Red Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon, Red Catuai, Yellow Catuai, Obatã, Topázio, Arara, Red Icatu 

450 – 1,200 meters above sea level

pulped natural

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