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five on a motorbike blend



The second ŋgopi blend to make the coffee industry a better place. Why the strange name? As I was scrolling to my pictures from an origin trip in Indonesia I found this one. It made me smile, I hope you do too. Our aim is to make honestly traded coffee the de facto standard in our industry. Whether it be in your office, your restaurant, or your home. The roasting profile of this coffee is optimized for use in fully automatic machines. A slightly darker roast ensures a sweeter cup with more body. Roasting lighter would result in an acidic cup of coffee. Yet, don’t worry about putting this coffee in your automatic dripper, that will work just fine too!

The coffees are both imported by This Side Up (a social coffee enterprise, visit their website)

50% Brazil Capricornio Dulce – 50% Rwanda Intango

100% arabica (of the coffea species, widely considered to be better tasting than robusta)

radical transparency – a price breakdown

capricornio: €4,68/kg (unroasted) (farmer price: €2,86 – 22,52% above market price)
intango: €7,99/kg (unroasted) (farmer price: €3,42 – 46,64% above market price)
combined (average): €6,34/kg (unroasted)
20% weight loss during roasting = €7,92/kg (roasted)
coffee bag (1000g PaperWise): €0,37= €0,37
labels (brother QL810W printer with 123inkt address label rolls (art.nr:080703): €0,03 x1= €0,03
stamp ngopi: negligible + more sustainable than vinyl stickers.
avg. packaging (RAJApack recycled box + paper tape + paper document cover): €0,52
thank you note (PeterPrint – Paperwise):€0,17/card
avg cost roasting machine/kg (rent roastery): €2,00
roasting labor cost/kg: €2,5
avg transportation cost/kg (from warehouse to the roastery and bpost 24h@home with Sendcloud shipping rates): €2,98
total (excl. shipping costs of materials, website, marketing costs, other labor, depreciation, etc..) = €16,66/kg – (€17,66/kg incl. VAT)



250g, 500g, 1000g


Rwanda – Gakenke District – Northern Province, Brazil – Paraná and São Paolo


whole beans, ground coffee


(fully) washed process