transparency as a foundation for sustainability

We want to challenge the status-quo. That also applies to challenging ouselves! We would like to communicate our transparency efforts below, but feel free to ask more information. Check out some of the numbers below!

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We will not say that we have the highest quality coffee. Yes, we could buy a +€1000/kg Panama Geisha and the quality would be superb. Instead, our coffees are tailored to your demand. For example: an office does not need a 90+ SCA scoring coffee just like you do not eat a Wagyu steak for lunch every day. For your private label in a specialty coffee bar, however, highest quality levels are desired.

What the producers need is a proper price for the quality they (can) deliver. We make impact if we manage to buy those coffees that usually have to be sold locally at too low prices, but are still of a higher quality than commodity.

We strive for an optimal roast profile for your taste, brew method and the quality of the coffee. 


Similar story here: we cannot provide the most extensive service. As we are a starting roastery we cannot afford someone to drive around to refill coffee machines. However, our aim is to provide a tailored service for your coffee needs: a quality level of your preference and budget. If you prefer your own logo on the bag? No problem. Our priority is to help coffee farmers in any way possible! As long as the coffee is properly sourced we are happy.

Let us know what you are looking for and we will try our best to make it happen


radical price transparency

We want to communicate as much about our price breakdown as possible. We will not be the cheapest option when it comes to coffee. That is because the coffee farmer will be the dupe of these extremely low prices. Paying coffee farmers a fair amount above the current market price is the way to go. If we were to compete on price, this means that our margins would be too small to support growth. And growth means more social impact. As such we employ a fair margin for every step in the value chain.

Let’s start with providing the coffee farmers with an honest compensation and move on from there.

some numbers

kilograms of green coffee purchased


amount of € above market price paid


increased farmer income (weighted)


trees planted with Go Forest


CO2 emission of roasting compensated with trees (yearly)


total compensation


roasting machine

We currently make use of a Probat Probatone 5kg roaster. Most common batch size is 4kg. The technical details of the roaster can be found here


A large aspect of selling coffee is that you have to store and transport the beans. The least amount effort for us is to utilise single-use packaging. We pack it, deliver it, end of story. Or is it? 

After ample research on the most sustainable packaging with minimal trade-off is ease of use we offer PaperWise bags made from agricultural waste (circular) and PLA (biopolymer). These bags are industrially compostable and made from renewable resources. 

We would prefer to reuse the packaging as much as possible though. As such we have an option to use CurTec vats for which a deposit is required. This packaging is very sturdy and can be reused way beyond the point where we are saving on single use plastic (by weight). We will handle the end-of life of your packaging. 

We aim to move towards a waste-free way of delivering coffee to you

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we've joined forces with Tane Roasters Collective

Hi there! 

Afters 3 years of working side by side I have decided to merge NGOPI with Tane. It makes admin easier and there’s more hands to help getting sustainable coffee in your cup. The shop is gone on this website, but the button on the right and below will lead you towards the new and improved Bamboo Forest Blend. Thanks for the support!